Our doomsday is approaching fast.
The way we're living we can't last,
The scientific body fears,
Beyond much more than eighty years.
We're burning fuel for energy
To power an economy
Despite already having learned
The consequence, it's us we've burned.

We're dying of increasing heat
That kills us and the food we eat
Directly, and too bakes the land
Diminishing our room to stand
That rising seas also decrease
As melting glaciers release
More water than returns as snow.
What's more there is decreasing flow
From glaciers on mountain tops
And where flows end life clearly stops.
As ice declines death rates speed up
By wet feet and an empty cup.
Heat also melts the permafrost
Releasing plagues that were long lost,
And methane gas which kills as well
By making earth a deadly hell.
As heat is killing food we plant
It heats the oceans so they can't
Breath life into marine supplies
On which humanity relies.
It's heat that science also blames
For turning forests into flames
That burn Earth's lungs and also leave
Her air impossible to breathe.
Increasing heat too fills the sky
With floods of tears that are Earth's cry
Of mourning for the view is stark.
We're floundering and there's no ark.

Heat is enough to spell our doom.
However, there's still lots of room
To list more ways to our demise.
For one, our population size
That's growing larger everyday
Despite the facts there is no way
Our Mother Nature can keep pace,
We can fit in our shrinking space.
There's also our economy
Creating inequality,
Religions and philosophies,
Which almost everyone believes
Are all essential for our life
Yet clearly cause increasing strife.
And when they're added, heat and hate
Our pace to doom accelerate.

Now if you think this is not fact
Because the sky appears intact,
Just take a moment to look down
You'll see that we are losing ground.
But if the point of no return
We haven't past we still can learn
This doomsday fate we could avoid
By ending tries to fill the void
Behind 'Eves' question ,"Why am I?"
When 'Adam' made his fateful try
He set our course for doom someday
Diverting us from Nature's way.
It's natural activity,
The only way that we can be
Completely what She had in 'mind'.
Unique capacities we find
By reaching to their limits and
To others in our human band
While reaching out to Nature's God.
Our Mother Nature will applaud.

Age of Asininity
Democracy: the death of us