The Last Why: the poem

The explanation of what's happening.

Introduction 1-4
Our Nature: introduction 5-6
Our body/mind/spirit 7-10
Our reactions to the void: introduction 11-12
The ideal 13-24
Trying to fill the void 25-37
Giving up 38-39
Description of blends 40-56
Consequences of blends 57-65
Conclusion 66-72


O Lord what fools we tend to be.
The facts of life we do not see.
In zones of rights each one resides,
When in real life there are no sides. 1

We’re blinded by our sense of rights
That justifies our deadly fights
Which end it should be plain to see
With one left standing; it is me. 2

What is the point? We must ask, “why?”
When we’re alone who’ll hear our cry?
Alone we cannot feel alive.
Together is how we'll survive. 3

God knows our rights of self are wrong
But cannot modify our song.
Together we must change our tune
To keep from ending it too soon. 4


There will be doubt that we can change
Because our ‘notes’ have such a range;
But harmony is not for dreams.
Our nature it could be it seems. 5

Our bodies, minds are all the same
By definition of each name.
Our spirit leaves us somewhat buoyed.
We're in reaction to the void. 6


Our bodies have three equal sides
Which integrate where life resides.
We've physical capacity,
Our knowledge and activity. 7

Our minds are too, three three equal sides.
Which integrate where life resides.
They are our mind's capacity,
Our knowledge and activity. 8

Regarding every body/mind,
The structure’s sizes we will find
Unique, but they’re identically
Joined shapes with equal sides of three. 9

Of life our spirit is our light.
It can be on from dim to bright.
With body/mind it makes three sides,
The 'pyramid' where life resides. 10


Our base, we to the void react.
The void’s existence is a fact,
The emptiness we can’t deny
We find when asking "why am I?” 11

The Law of Human Nature says
We can react in different ways;
But only one will let us see
Complete uniqueness we can be. 12


Reactions are all blends of three.
The first found in biology
Is the "Ideal" from Nature's route.
In general, it’s “reaching out….”13

To limits of capacity,
To others who we need, to be,
And for a stabilizing rod
We're moved to reach for Nature's God. 14

This natural activity
Is hard; but living it can be
The only way that we can feel
Innate ‘rewards’ which make life real. 15

It’s hard since there's no written 'light',
Just faith and hope that it is right.
Then there’s responsibility
To God, to others and to 'me'. 16

And sensitivity we need
To Nature's spirit and indeed
To that of others and our own.
Then there’s the caring we must hone. 17

When facing what we cannot see,
The courage we must have, to be.
To see life’s end we have to wait.
Ourselves we have to motivate. 18

It is the hardest of the three;
But then ideal rewards there'll be.
First is our spirit shining bright
We power with the "ideal" 'right'. 19

We’ll feel control, we’ll also sense
Our ‘strings’ knot free, ideally tense.
Frustration, pace and urgency
Each at their optimum will be. 20

Our freedom by the ideal bound,
Fulfillment in our living found,
Self-worth, another common gift
Give all of us an equal lift. 21

Security and happiness
Reward as well, ideal success.
Then too when living the ideal
Faith being justified we'll will feel. 22

Among the last we’ll also find
A purpose, meaning, peace of mind,
Unending love; hope from them springs.
Rewards to all, the ideal brings. 23

Subjective though rewards may seem
The fact is they are not a dream.
The ideal message that they send
Is, self-creation is the end. 24


The second way we can react
To emptiness, the missing fact,
Is with a try to fill the void
So thoughts of it we can avoid. 25

In this one way there can be eight
We blend but still can isolate
To talk about the varied blends
And see the message this way sends. 26

The first of eight to get the pull,
With answers to the question “Why?”
In vain to fill the void we try. 27

There is an economic one,
Another try that can’t be done
No matter how much cash we spend
This try to fill the void won't end. 28

In our romantic try we'll find
Supporting notions that are blind.
Love of another we can see
Will never fill the void in ‘me’. 29

The factual reaction will
Remain impossible to fill
With even all known facts combined
Or with key facts we hope to find. 30

The void we also try to fill
With family but never will.
It matters not the family
The emptiness will always be. 31

If occupational we choose,
The fight to fill the void we'll lose. 
Careers and jobs we think we need
To fill the void will not succeed. 32

Our tries to gain preeminence,
Another one of our attempts
To fill the void, will also fail
Regardless of the peaks we scale. 33

The eighth, the anesthetic try
 To fill the void is no reply.
Not alcohol nor drugs nor sex
Nor any others have effects. 34

However they are recombined
There's only one way they're defined.
Demands are anti the ideal,
Rewards are punishments we feel 35

Except where three are optimum
Their punishments are maximum.
Activity that tries to fill
The void is called unnatural. 36

Although the blends can be defined
Exclusive tries we will not find.
 The active message they would send
Is, self-destruction is the end. 37


The last reaction of three
Is simply inactivity.
Unnatural and giving up
It leaves a clear and empty cup. 38

Not even anti the ideal,
It's just the absence of what's real.
The passive message it would send
Is, self-destruction is the end. 39


When making blends with two of three
One clearly the ideal must be
For its activity, and why?
Without some natural we die. 40

Reactions we blend make a sum
Contained on a continuum.
The middle point is the ideal,
From left to right blends are less real. 41

Describing them is simplified
By concentrating on the side
We try to fill the void. We can
For giving up just doesn't scan. 42

When moving out from the ideal
Successive scans of blends reveal
How definitions of them change
From point to point along the range. 43

Our natural activity
Is decreased by, it's plan to see,
Each increase of our tries to fill
The void that ultimately will 44

Destroy our self-creative drive
Essential to keep us alive.
As tries increase blends leave a trail
In which we see how blendings fail. 45

We start our tries with one of eight,
Increase to all in equal state
With the ideal in midpoint blend,
Reduce to one in the dead end. 46

Though one at both ends we can tell
If they're near 'heaven' or near 'hell'.
One with ideal is near the dream
Without ideal one is extreme. 47

God is one third of the ideal,
When "reaching out..." then God we'll feel.
God isn't in religious thread.
When wound up in it God is dead. 48

We reach to God for a hand up
To ideal acts that fill our ‘cup’.
We put hands out but are annoyed
God cannot help us fill the void. 49

We blend some of these two and get
Reactions that make up a set.
How far we are from the ideal
Dictates how much of each we feel. 50

Ideal facts are the ones we seize
Expanding our capacities.
When gathered just the void to fill
The facts are then unnatural. 51

Viewed over the entire range,
From facts we need for living change
To those of which it can be said
Are all the facts that leave us dead. 52

Ideal life our love generates.
In life that's less ideal love takes.
If used to try to fill the void
The love we take leaves lives destroyed. 53

Our only right is "reaching out..."
Despite the evidence about
That shows us clinging to our song
We think is right but is part wrong. 54

We think we're right throughout the range
Though in our bends components change.
For while ideal amounts decrease
Our sense of right will never cease. 55

To now conclude how blends can be
Throughout the range, we clearly see
Rewards decline which complements
Increasing, varied punishments. 56


Reactions are collectively
The blend of all humanity,
And from descriptions we can tell
Our blend just looks and sounds like hell. 57

We battle for we're all the same
Though being different we blame.
Our common similarity
Is where we point activity. 58

Activity that's natural
Directs us on lines parallel
To our unique capacities,
And to the God that Nature sees. 59

Unnatural activity
Is all directed inwardly
Toward the void so it's opposed
To what all others have proposed. 60

The conflict varies in degrees
Depending on activities.
The less our tries, the more ideal,
Decreasing conflict we will feel. 61

Of course if we augment our tries,
Decrease ideal, we'll hear our cries
Increase with fading, peaceful dreams
As we take conflict to extremes. 62

Returning now to our self-rights
Which generate our "deadly fights",
It's human rights philosophy
That triggers conflict that we see. 63

There could be too some other try
We want to be the reason why,
But in it is our right we say
To try to fill the void our way. 64

As long as we defend these rights
We will continue with these fights.
If we add more rights to our blend
The more we will our rights defend. 65


In conflict is our current state
And it continues to dictate
We'll reach the end where we're destroyed
By our attempts to fill the void. 66

Although this our present trend
Destruction needn't be our end.
Our direction we can change
  To move our blend along the range 67

Toward ideal activity
Where we will see what we can be.
The change should not be hard to make
  When life is seen to be at stake. 68

With choices made we will begin
To see a change that starts within.
From self-destruction we will turn
As ways of the ideal we learn. 69

We'll sense the punishments abate.
For one we will no longer hate,
And though the void will not be filled
Ideal rewards will leave us thrilled. 70

In this "real life" no sides there'll be.
We'll live in perfect harmony.
Since parallel, our lines of life
Will never cross thus ending strife. 71

As we find out what we become
Humanity will be the sum.
We might too find when in our place
Together we reflect God's face. 72